T-Mobile bagged title of the most reliable 5G network

T-Mobile just bagged another recognition over the quality of its 5G network, this time for reliability. Its 5G effort already has the widest footprint thanks to the low and slow, but far-reaching bands it started using first, albeit the speeds that those offer are often slower than over a robust 4G LTE coverage.

Now, however, the Un-carrier adds another notch on its 5G belt, as the mobile network testers from Umlaut found its budding next-gen network to also be more reliable than those of Verizon or AT&T in their current state.
T-Mobile bagged title of the most reliable 5G network
Here we have to point out that the results are crowdsourced, and that methodology usually tends to favor network performance in big cities and downtown locations, but still, there is every indication that T-Mobile is building 5G fast, and it is building it right. It has to, as when it comes to the most used 4G LTE standard it has a lot of catching up to do in terms of coverage and network performance, so it is placing all its bets on the future.

via: Phonearena

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